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Why It's Worth Restoring Your Old Jewellery

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Buying new jewellery may seem like an attractive notion when your old jewellery has had its day. But did you know we can repair and restore your old jewellery back to its former glory? Why throw away a perfectly good piece of jewellery when you can make it brand new again? Here is why you should consider restoring your old jewellery!

What jewellery can be restored?

Any jewellery that is worn regularly will show signs of wear and tear which can normally be fixed with a quick clean and polish. However as time goes on, your most treasured jewellery will get to a point where it is so worn it needs proper restoration. This is especially the case with antique jewellery. Any restoration of vintage and antique items needs to give the piece a new lease of life, but perhaps most importantly needs to be as sympathetic and in keeping with the original style as possible. This may include replacing missing stones, restoring old details, and rebuilding claws to hold stones in place. It’s important to use traditional techniques so any repairs are indistinguishable. It may also get a final hand polish so that the original shine and lustre is reinstated.

Benefits of Restoration

Aside from making your old jewellery appear brand new again, there are plenty of benefits to restoration: - Improved structure: One of the biggest advantages of restoring old jewellery is that you improve upon the structure that is already there. It will also build on any faults or areas of the piece that did not go to plan in the original design. - Wearability: Being able to restore old jewellery means you can wear it again! This is particularly exciting if your piece is an antique as it could be a truly unique item and perhaps worth more than you think! - Educational: There may be quite a bit about your old jewellery you were never aware of until a professional jeweller examines it for restoration. The older your item is, the more you can learn. You’ll be surprised what jewellery can tell us about history! - Cost-effective: In many cases, it can to be more cost-effective to restore old jewellery than to buy something brand new.

Repair Your Jewellery at Bradleys

At Bradleys Jewellers, we offer a repair service for any piece of jewellery, including pearl re-stringing. We specialise in jewellery restoration, creation and maintenance. Our consultation is completely free with a no-obligation, no-charge quote. We also offer manufacturing for the trade. Visit our page for more details!