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Jewellery Trends for Winter 2019

A new season has arrived, meaning a new set of jewellery trends walks the runway in Paris, setting the scene for months to come. And what trends have emerged! Many of them caught our eye but some stood out among others as having quite the lasting impact. We think quite a few of these might catch on and perhaps even survive the frost of winter. Here’s our pick for the top trends in jewellery this winter.


A classic look made for the twenty-first century, rhinestones are making huge waves as one of the newest emerging trends in jewellery. Rhinestone earrings, in particular, are making the biggest impact. Evoking glimmering chandeliers dangling from the lobes of glamorous models. These tiny crystals are simple yet elegant and stand out amongst the crowd. It’s an enduring trend, carrying over from the previous year. Fringe crystals will definitely be a common sight for the party season ahead, they are the perfect accessory for any Christmas party.

Statement Earrings

Nothing grabs your attention like a statement earring. Big, bold and brassy are the keys to the perfect statement stud! Adorned with beads, rings, spikes or even paperclips, statement earrings are taking the world by storm and nothing is too much! Express yourself during the winter season and show off your personality with statement earrings.


Classic Parisian jewellery with a modern twist. The layering trend has been around for a few years now and we’ve seen it again on this year’s runways. Layers upon layers of gold rings, pearls and cameo rings have dominated fashion this year, ranging from the modest and subtle to the bombastic and overstated. The twist on this classic style seems to have come from the ever-increasing amount of costume and period dramas on our TV screens. If you’re looking for a more subtle, chic look this winter, you’re definitely in luck!

Chunky Chains

Daring and overstated seems to be a theme this winter as chunky gold chains appeared on all the Paris runways. Teamed with hoop earrings, the chunky chain trend takes an already noticeable piece of jewellery and ramps it up. More From Bradleys Jewellers Did any of these emerging trends tickle your fancy? Get on-trend your jewellery this winter by visiting one of our stores or visit our products page for more details.