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5 Alternative Engagement Ring Styles

man putting engagement ring on woman's finger

1) Small Diamonds

Rather than going for the classic diamond solitaire, choose a ring with lots of smaller diamonds. After all, it’s hard to stand out with a single diamond. With smaller stones, you can create beautiful shapes and unique patterns that truly suit you. It’s important to consider a diamond cluster, as it may be just what you’re looking for.

2) Promise Rings

A promise ring can be anything including a plain band, an Irish Claddagh, or a multi gemstone cluster; the significance is what the ring means, rather than what it looks like. If you are one of the growing number of men now wearing engagement rings, a promise ring may be the perfect option for you.

3) Birthstone Rings

Getting an engagement ring made with your birthstone is yet another unique way to make your engagement more personal. If you’re born in December, for instance, a turquoise or aquamarine ring may speak to you a lot more than a diamond ring. It might also prove cheaper too, which is far more practical for those who don’t want to spend three months wages on a ring!

4) Forest-Inspired

An emerging trend in alternative engagement rings, as well as wedding rings in general, is to have your ring fashioned to resemble wood bark or leaves. Many artists and jewellers take inspiration from nature, but a forest-inspired ring is a more direct approach and some of the results can be quite beautiful. It gives off a truly fairy-tale vibe!

5) Alternative Gemstones

Finally, finding engagement rings with alternative gemstones can make for a better alternative to a simple diamond ring. Birthstones are one way to go, but if there are other stones that you like there’s no reason you shouldn’t go for it! Take a look at white sapphires, spinel, or even moissanite! They are white like diamonds and look just as effective. You can even combine more than one gemstone, for maximum effect.

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